Advanced Production

Over the last two decades, high quality and capacity is directly linked to information technology and it’s contributions to the production process. With these considerations in mind, ARAPEPCO has linked all of its operation units in order to:

of pulp preparation to help stabilize the line, which will minimize waste at startup.

in order to account for incompatibility in product specifications.

of steam flow to the drying section to reduce the consumption of fuel.

Starch Preparation Unit.

in order to ensure the compatibility of products with the standards applied in paper manufacturing.

by increasing the efficiency of biological water treatment and recycling it in the plant.

to all line operators via display terminals.

weight and moisture of the product.

quality product.

Steps Of Production

The production process goes through several steps:

First Step

Waste Paper Reception

Second Step


Third Step

Drying & Forming

Fourth Step

Cutting , Rolling & Stapling

Fifth Step

Observing & Shipping